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good morning, it is friday, september 21, 2012. welcome to cbs "this morning." breaking news, anti-american protests erupt overnight and turn deadly. >> mitt romney attacks president obama for saying you can't change washington from inside. >> millions around the world eagerly await the new iphone but there's already a problem. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. countries bracing for muslim protests around the world. >> u.s. embassies on high alert. >> a film made in america about
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the prophet mohamed two cinemas have been set ablaze. >> president obama and secretary clinton have been denouncing the film. >> his slogan is yes we can, now his slogan no i can't. >> we can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. >> we'll give him that chance in november. he's going outside. >> ann romney responding to republican critics. >> what do you think of your fellow republicans? >> stop it. this is hard. you want to try it, get in the ring. >> a milestone in the war in afghanistan. last of 33,000 surge troops have left the country. >> apple's new iphone 5 is on sale today. >> put your hands all over it. >> no problem. >> in iran someone through a hand grenade on to the field. the grenade blew up. no one was hurt. >> a baby goat in trouble. and a brave pig that came to the
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rescue. i love it. >> goes to the corner. over shot. nationals clinched the playoff berth. >> ladies and gentlemen, i give you bruise springsteen. >> i got good news and bad news. you're going to live in buckingham palace but keep your top on. >> i have a wife with a traveling job so i'm home a lot now. >> monica lewinsky is a writing a tell-all about her affair with bill clinton. the book is called "ten years too late." captioning funded by cbs >>welcome to cbs "this morning." today another violent day as anti-american protests broke out in pakistan. >> two people were killed after
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pakistan declared a holiday and called for peaceful protests. charlie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's been relatively peaceful here in afghanistan. there are three small demonstrations to report. there have been several anti-american demonstrations here in afghanistan this week. the one that did turn violent was met with a heavy police presence and response. it is a much different story in neighboring pakistan where the government called for a muslim day of love for the prophet mohamed. but protesters have been able to reach the area, sensitive areas including that neighborhood around the u.s. embassy in islamabad. protests have also spread to the pakistani cities of karachi where there's reported deaths. another rare demonstration in disputed territory of kashmir, mostly women and that
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demonstration took place until police were able to disperse it using tear gas. now anti-american demonstrations are expected across the middle east including here in afghanistan as this rage against the movie about prophet mohamed shows no signs of dying down. >> united states are trying a counter offense to calm the anger and stop the violence, margaret brennan has that story. >> reporter: good morning. the u.s. government is trying to stop that anti-american violence by buying ad time on pakistani tv to spread the message that it did not endorse the controversial internet video made by an american filmmaker to ridicule islam. it cost the u.s. government $70,000 to broadcast these ads on seven different pakistani tv networks. they feature messages from president obama. >> we reject all efforts to
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denigrate the beliefs of others. >> reporter: and hillary clinton. >> the united states government has absolutely nothing to do with this video. >> reporter: condemning the anti-islam movie made by a california filmmaker. the state department is trying to cool anti-american fury that sent thousands of protesters into the streets of pakistani cities this week. it isn't the first time that american diplomats sponsored media or purchased ad time but the head of the outreach program said these ads are urgent. >> it was very important for us to reach every citizen with the message that the united states government had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with hateful video. >> reporter: they are using social media outlets and asking religious leaders to use their pulpit to get that message out. former diplomats point out stopping anti-american resentment needs to go beyond
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the controversial video. >> sometimes america becomes a political football in a local dispute and there are local politicians who see a reason to beef up the sentiment. >> reporter: pakistani foreign minister is here in "washington today" and will meet with secretary hillary clinton. they will discuss the other larger issues that may be fueling the tension including the u.s. drone strikes that killed pakistani civilians and terror networks that's taking harbor inside of that country. charlie >> margaret brennan in washington. a statement about president obama is being picked apart. on thursday he and governor mitt romney were in florida where a new poll shows the president leading by five points. a comment he made about changing washington is giving his opponent a chance to attack. jan crawford is in west palm beach, florida. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. romney has been taking hits for the past two weeks but yesterday it was the president's turn.
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on univision, it turned a little rocky for the president and you can believe that romney pounced. appearing in a town hall in miami the president faced tough and repeated questions about his promise four years ago to pass immigration reform. the president said he was focused on the my but the questions kept coming. he was asked about his biggest failure as president. >> as you remind me my biggest failure is we haven't gotten comprehensive immigration reform done. we'll be continuing to work on that. but it's not for lack of trying or desire. >> reporter: a major issue among hispanic voters a key constituency in the swing states and first time the president has identified immigration as his biggest failure. president obama said he was naive and pointed the finger at republicans and then went on the complain about a divided washington. >> the most important lesson i've learned is that you can't
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change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. that's how i got elected. and that's how the big accomplishments like health care got done. was because we mobilized the american people to speak out. >> reporter: those remarks about change bring to mind candidate president obama 2008 of hope and change caused mitt romney to pounce. romney suggested the president was in over his head. >> the president today threw in the white flag of surrender again. he said he can't change washington from inside. he can only change it from outside. we'll give him that chance in november. he's going outside. >> reporter: romney said the president let america down. >> his slogan was yes i can, now it's no i can't. he went from the president of change to the president of who can't get change. and the american people understand that. >> reporter: now that was an
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energized mitt romney in that rally yesterday after getting criticism by conservatives for his campaign and his wife ann came to his defense on an iowa radio station really in only a way a spouse can. take a listen. >> stop it. this is hard. you want to try it? get in the ring. this is hard. and, you know, it's an important thing that we're doing right now and it's an important election and it is time for all americans to realize how significant this election is. >> reporter: now romney made a similar point in the rally yesterday about the significance of elections saying it was for the soul of america and america's future. norah, back to you. >> jan crawford, thank you. let's bring in sdan senor. you just saw the latest report there from jan from the ground and ann romney responding to this criticism from columnists and pundits and others.
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isn't it true, the front page of the "wall street journal" has a piece today, head wind for romney in the latest poll results that romney has a narrower and narrower path to victory. >> these polls will move all over the place. there's a tendency to overreact in the punditry class to "daily news" that furnishes the headlines. the reality is it's a very close race. both campaigns have agreed it will be a close race to the end. we saw some movement that's not positive. we saw some movement that's very positi positive. we keep talking about the reality of this economy. one in six people living in poverty. another 20 million people on food stamps since president obama became president. 23 million americans out of work, underemployed or just given up. we'll have a big choice, big debate in the next few weeks and there will be a series of debates. you'll see the campaign move all over the place in that context but we think the issues
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certainly are on our side. >> you got less than 50 days left. you have a debate in about two weeks from now. how important is this debate two weeks from now? >> there's a tendency to overstate the significance of debates. debates are important. the debates we have been having -- not formal debates have been very important. it's a broad discussion to present the choice. >> you're trying to lower expectations now? >> president obama is a very experienced debater. we saw how he did in 2008. vice president biden is a very experienced debater. he's been doing this for decades. he's run for president a few times. >> charlie? >> dan, your expertise in foreign policy. you're traveling with the presidential nominee paul ryan. what is the single biggest difference on foreign policy between governor romney and president obama? >> i would say, charlie, the
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biggest crisis facing the united states from a national security viewpoint is iran developing a nuclear weapons capability. tragically the obama administration really wasted the first couple of years on its administration on a failed strategy to isolate iran, to ramp up economic pressure. >> if governor romney is elected president what would he do about iran and its effort to have nuclear capacity. >> first of all what he would not have done is waste as much time as obama did. >> what he would do not what he wouldn't do. >> absolutely. so he would not have wasted the time that the administration -- >> what will he do? >> he would ramp up economic pressure. >> what economic pressure that's not ramped up would he use? >> tougher, much tougher sanctions that congress has been advocating for? >> like? >> the administration has been resistant to some sanctions, to not giving waivers to certain financial institutions around the world. congress has passed tough
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sanctions against iran. there's waivers in those sanctions. the administration used these waivers too much. let me finish. he would also -- this is very important here. we do not advocate military action against iran. it should be the option of last resort. however, what the administration has done is broadcast to tehran that the military option is the absolute one thing america doesn't want anybody to do. so the threat of military action is not credible. we need to ramp up economic pressure, increase diplomate isolation and make this threat of military attack possible. >> we're watching right now the whole region unravel. look at 20,000 innocent civilians dead in sir remarks iran getting closer to a nuclear bomb. you see extremist storming our embassies. >> what would the nominee for the republican party, mitt romney do in syria that's not
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being done today. >> sure. i think that's an important question. you got to take all these countries one by one. on syria, over a year since the president said bashir al assad should go. he's still in power. america looks impotent in the region. president romney would look to do more to help the opposition movement on the ground in syria, working with our allies like the turks, the saudis, to get the opposition more training, more resources, more weapon, really coordinate the effort and would not have dragged its feet as long as we have to give the opposition -- they've been calling out for american leadership for a long time. this is america's national security interest. about a shish bashir al assad is iran's closest ally. >> this sunday "60 minutes" will have interviews with governor romney and president obama right
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here on cbs. after 25 missions the space shuttle "endeavour" takes off for one final flight. it will fly by the golden gate bridge. as bill whittaker reports "endeavour" made another important fly by on saturday. >> reporter: perched atop a jumbo jet "endeavour" landed at an air force base in california not far from where it was built 25 years ago. yesterday on its way to california it tipped its wing to tucson, home of gabrielle giffords, her husband mark kelly was "endeavour's" last commander. today the shuttle takes one last lap of california airspace before landing at lax and into the embrace of a city enthralled by it's newest biggest superstar. >> i'll be looking at it. >> your getting excited? >> of course. we're all very excited. this is our passion.
7:16 am
as it flies over the landmarks around los angeles with everybody spotting it and tweeting and it's going to be very exciting for everybody. >> reporter: in a way, it's the homecoming, "endeavour" was constructed just north of l.a. in palmdale, california, built to replace the "challenger." it's the last shuttle to go into retirement. "endeavour" is the star avenue air and space hall at the california science center once it gets from lax 1 miles away. >> no one has moved a winged spaceship through a city before and no one will again. >> reporter: l.a. knows a thing or two about handling celebrity objects. remember the rock? this time the city has to take down power lines and cut down trees to year the path. generating a buzz saw of controversy. >> i had no idea that they were going to be removing those beautiful trees.
7:17 am
sad to see them go. >> we'll be taking out a number of trees but putting in almost 1,000 new trees. >> reporter: the science center is betting all will be forgiven when the biggest icon this city has ever seen opens to the public october 30th. whittaker in los angeles.ill it is time now to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the washington post" says all 33,000 troops from the surge in afghanistan have now left that country. president obama ordered the surge nearly three years ago to stop rising taliban violence. 68,000 american troops remain in the war zone. the telegraph reports on a british service woman who gave birth while serving in afghanistan. some critics are demanding women take pregnancy tests before deploying to a war zone. the soldier said she was not aware she was pregnant. >> the new zealand herald reports united states lifted a ban on new zealand ships visiting american bases.
7:18 am
it started 25 years ago war ships couldn't enter new zealand's post. >> prosecutors have given up the fight to see a notebook that james holmes mailed to his psychiatrist. the notebook reportedly contains plans for the attack. prosecutors say the legal battle over doctor-patient privilege would have delayed the case. >> apple made a wrong turn with its mapping software. there's worldwide complaints because of mistakes, landmarks and businesses have the wrong labels and cities have missing streets. it
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this national weather report sponsored by new and improved dove, deep moisture body wash now with our gentlest cleansers ever. a mexican murder trial drags
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on for months and the defendant said they produced no evidence that he killed his wife. >> i am looking around, waiting for someone to stand up and say okay, well we got the wrong guy. let's get him out there was. that doesn't happen. >> this morning we'll hear what else easily telling "48 hours" mystery about the hot profile case that seems to be falling apart. with the new iphone on sale companies rush to put out accessories to go with it. we'll show you how one supplier is guessing its product will fit just right on cbs "this morning". ♪
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>> with a dwindling supply of white republicans the gop has got to reach out. >> one of the biggest challenges facing the gop this november certainly will be winning latino voters. >> this election will come down to attracting latinos who once again are doing the job americans aren't willing to do. voting. so, it is no surprise that the democrats made san antonio mayor their convention keynote speaker while republicans counter with chris christie who while technically not hispanic is at least 50% nacho. >> we have been telling you all week about the trouble at american airlines. it will be cancelling flights for another month.
7:26 am
300 flights have been cancelled this week as pilots
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♪ thousands of people are up early waiting to get a new iphone 5 as they go on sale. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. welcome to cbs "this morning." i'm charlie rose. norah o'donnell is in washington. >> wow remember everybody waiting in line for that new phone today. pretty exciting for a lot of people. you aspect to get one? >> indeed i am. in february, "48 hours" mystery went inside a mexican prison and interviewed bruce beresford-redman. he was just about to go on trial for the murder of his wife in cancun, mexico. >> now seven months later bruce beresford-redman talks again to "48 hours" correspondent troy roberts about the case that now seems to be falling apart in
7:31 am
court. >> reporter: in the nearly seven months of bruce beresford-redman's murder trial the government's theory of how his wife died has never wavered. prosecutors believe the couple argued violently, that he suffocated her in the hotel room they shared with their two small children. prosecutors claim he kept her dead body there until he could hide it in the sewer that evening. monica's sister says bruce is right where he belongs. >> if he really killed my sister, which it looks like de, i want him in jail. >> i did not kill my wife. >> how are you holding up? >> reporter: in a new interview with "48 hours," bruce beresford-redman said prosecutors have totally failed to prove their case. >> it's very hard for me to understand why i'm still in jail. i've been accused of a horrible crime and i would like very much to have the chance to exonerate
7:32 am
myself. >> reporter: he may succeed. much of the physical evidence has been lost or contaminated. key witnesses have contradicted the prosecution's case. the coroner pinpoints monica's death at 11:00 p.m. monday night but then they insist she died earlier. takes the stand he can't find a link between bruce and monica's murder. >> i'm waiting for someone to say we got the wrong guy. let's get him out there was. that doesn't happen. >> reporter: determined to press on with a circumstantial case the chief prosecutor told "48 hours" we want to punish him. we have to work with what we have. he said there is other evidence against bruce but also admitted he's concerned about upholding cancun's reputation as a tourist
7:33 am
mecca. his lawyer said his client plans to take the stand. >> the fact i'm innocent is at some point will get me out. >> reporter: this summer he sent a message to his children. >> hopefully i'm coming home soon. i'm proud of both of you. i miss you guys and i love you. >> first question, is this anything like a trial in an american court? absolutely not. the mexican criminal justice is different from what we're familiar with. the judge hears testimony when his schedule allows. so the proceedings stop and start and lurch forward and go back and it's possible weeks go by without anything happening. this can go on for a long time. >> what will happen? >> i wish i could tell you, if i had a crystal ball.
7:34 am
this is not a jury trial. one judge is listening to all the testimony, weighing all the evidence. what we have right now, it does look like there's a very strong case against bruce beresford-redman, but this is a very high-profile case, and it's very possible that outside pressures could influence the outcome. >> like? >> well, i mean i believe it's a political case now. it's gotten so much attention in that country. and i don't have any evidence to support this, but it's very possible that outside pressures from, you know, the government possibly could influence the outcome. >> great to see you. thanks, troy. >> thank you. >> troy roberts, you can see his full report on "48 hours" mystery fatal episode the producers story tomorrow tonight. the battle between american airlines and pilots is causing trouble for passengers.
7:35 am
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remember we told you yesterday that american airlines has cancelled nearly 300 flights this week but the airline's troubles don't stop there. new figures show barely half of american's flights arrived on time in september. >> american airlines claims pilots calling in sick are causing many of the problems. peter greenberg joins us now. welcome. so tell me, how bad is it? >> let me give you some numbers. on a normal delay you may have 100. yesterday you had 547 delays at american airlines. in august the on time arrival rate is 74%. you know what it is now, 54%. it's a significant decrease.
7:40 am
>> you talked to some of the pilots. >> here's the problem. labor relations at american have been acidic for a long time. the real catalyst was when american sent out furlough letters saying to 11,000 employees you may be laid off. that's what pulled the trigger on this latest move. we talked to the pilots union and this is what their spokesman said. >> i can tell you there's absolutely no job action that's being orchestrated or sanctioned or being led by the pilots union. what i do think you're seeing is you're seeing the result of what happens to the operation when you have a huge employee group that's very unhappy. our pilots are operating without the protection and benefit of a contract. you have a lot of workers out there and not limited to just the pilots that are uncertain about the future of this airline and they are terribly unhappy with their relationship with management because of having them drive us into bankruptcy
7:41 am
when after we made all these concessions ten years ago. >> that's the problem. because the airlines claiming it's the pilots, pilots claim there's no contract. you got a real problem. >> norah? >> we should show what the american airlines said in a statement. they said the recent disruptions are primarily due to the significant increase in maintenance writeups by our pilots many right at the time departure. it seems the pilots are engaged in causing these delays. >> the pilots are saying -- it's not a group of roger pilots. the flight attendants signed their contract saying they have no voter confidence in management. the pilots union recommended that the pilots sign the contract. the pilots rejected that. and said we're not, we don't like this. i was on two american flights this week, both were not on time. both had mechanical problems
7:42 am
quote-unquote at the time of departure. the first one the pilot said he wasn't happy with his seat belt and we waited an hour while they fixed his seat. >> what do you call that in labor relations >> a slow down. >> so, peter, bottom line, should people fly american? >> you know what? this is not a safety issue. it's an inconvenience issue. you have those kind of delays -- great if they write up a maintenance problems but if you have those kind of delays that's less than half of your flights not showing up on time. you have to take that into consideration. safety not an issue. . >> how does this affect americans desire to emerge from bankruptcy. >> they need to cut a billion dollars in bankruptcy. they can't come out of bankruptcy until they have contracts with their unions. >> peter, as always g
7:43 am
making the case for the iphone 5 literally. how do you design accessories for a new product without ever touching it or seeing it. we got that story coming up next on cbs "this morning". i've worked hard to build my family. and also to build my career.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. ♪ check it out. long lines at apple stores around the world today. the iphone 5 goes on sale. when apple revealed the design of the new smartphone companies that make apple accessories started scrambling. in many cases it was guesswork for them designing new products and as rebecca jarvis reports guessing wrong could be
7:48 am
disastrous. >> this is iphone 5. >> when apple announced the iphone 5 last week the design team at florida based iphone case maker marware was anxiously holed up in a conference room. the owner describes it as suspenseful. >> we're watching the blogs of the event. is it going to be this or that. >> iphone 5 is the thinnest phone we've ever made. >> even after the iphone 5 is unveiled only a select few like scott stein can see and touch the device before it ships to consumers. accessory makers are no exception. >> they don't know the final design until the starting gun, so you're guessing you don't want to guess wrong. then when you find out everyone is scrambling and you have very few days to do it. >> reporter: nearly a week after the announcement the clock is ticking. marware team is hard at work in what they call the war room tinkering with mockups of the actual cases and dispatching
7:49 am
quality control inspectors to china where the cases are made. and doing it all based on rumors, never having even touched an iphone 5. >> we have to wait in line just like everybody else. >> you get as much as you can possibly ready before apple releases their data or the device. we then tweak what we have to tweak to make hat design work. >> reporter: marware is one of many companies trying to grab a piece of the lucrative $20 billion a year smartphone accessory market. but it cab dangerous and costly guessing game. >> how do you follow up a hit product like the iphone 4? >> reporter: last year accessory makers struck out huge when apple announced a different iphone than what the market expected. >> i know a lot of my competitors spent a lot of money, they made a lot of cases, and they had to throw it away. >> reporter: this time marware's team guessed right. the iphone 5 is essentially what they expected it to be.
7:50 am
save for a few minor tweaks like the power connector and shape. still the pressure is on. this small company has seen record breaking online orders so far people assuming marware got it right. some say there might be an upside for those who take time to get it right. >> they may wait a few extra months but the idea is that you're going to pay that forward to be the premier product. >> there's only so much people are willing to wait and, you know, when you have a brand new phone that is the sexiest thing out there you want to protect it. >> reporter: martin is still antsy and says profit wise the first few months are make-or-break. for cbs "this morning," rebecca jarvis, new york. in tv land this is called show and tell. this is an iphone 4 on my left. and this is the iphone 5 on my
7:51 am
right. it's a little bit taller. i can tell you it's much lighter. this is the thing they were talking about. you slide your phone into this. we're going to go now from hi-tech to hi-tech inventions. elon musk will be with us. he runs spacex and tesla motors. we'll talk to him about the future of space travel and electric cars. all of that coming up on cbs "this morning". ♪i -- i got it ♪ i got it made
7:52 am
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[ female announcer ] this is new. this is different. nays are taking some heat. lots of it. after a five week delay because of the weather, they got within 30 meters of the volcano using fire resistant suits. they are the first people to ever get that close to the lava flow. >> timing matters whether selling stocks or eating lunch. we'll talk with the author who figured out the best time to do almost everything on cbs "this morning." your local news is next.
7:56 am
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8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 a.m. welcome to cbs "this morning." deadly new protests break out in pakistan where violence continues over that controversial film and mitt romney says if president obama can't change washington he will. following an important senate race in a new stage. here's what's happening in the world and what we've been covering on cbs "this morning." countries racing for muslim protests around the world. >> today turning out to be another violent day as anti-american protests broke out overnight in pakistan. >> we're told from our people on the ground that protesters have been able to reach the area,
8:01 am
sensitive areas including that neighborhood around the u.s. embassy in islamabad. >> romney has been taking hits for the past two weeks but yesterday it was the president's turn. >> statement about president obama is now being picked apart. >> you can't change washington from the inside you can only change it from the outside. >> we'll give him that chance in november. he's going outside. >> the reality is it's a very close race. >> after 25 missions the space shuttle "endeavour" takes off today for one final flight. >> incredible. >> i'll be right there looking at it. >> thousands of people are up early waiting to get a new iphone 5 as they go on sale. >> you need good simulation to keep yourself in a constant state of anxiety. >> can you cry right now? >> being on the show makes me want to cry. >> like him because i feel we have a lot in common. >> you and joe biden? >> we're both issue catholic, working class, we're got gay
8:02 am
icons. i'm sorry. i'm joined by gayle king and norah o'donnell in washington. anger over an anti-muslim film is sparking another day of anti-american demonstrations. in pakistan five people have been killed even though the government declared today a day of love. we go kabul, afghanistan where there are more protests going on. charlie, good morning? >> reporter: good morning, yes there are small demonstrations under way. it's been relatively quiet and peaceful so far but the city is on edge since that suicide bombing here earlier this week near at the airport that resulted in the deaths of 12 people mostly foreigners. it's a much different situation in neighboring pakistan where anti-american violence is spreading, the worst of it is where protesters burned two movie theaters and stormed buildings. also spread to the city of karachi and the capital islamabad as you said five deaths reported so far.
8:03 am
it doesn't help that the pakistani government has declared today a national holiday, a day of love for the prophet of mohamed. that enables more people to have a day off and to join in these demonstrations. our folks on the ground said police have been melting away in certain sensitive areas including around the u.s. embassy in islamabad. anti-american demonstrations have also spread to places like bangladesh. they carried a could fin with an american flag-draped on it. they said this is the coffin of president obama, u.s. president obama. two weeks after this controversy erupted over this film mocking the prophet mohamed, judging from today's events in pakistan, bangladesh and elsewhere there's no sign of this rage calming down. >> thank you. this morning the u.s. troop surge in afghanistan is over. all 33,000 surge troops have now left the country. president obama sent them three
8:04 am
years ago to battle the increasingly aggressive taliban. defense secretary leon panetta said the taliban's momentum has been reversed. 68,000 americans are now in afghanistan. down from last year's peak of 101,000. the presidential candidates are hitting swing states today with president obama speaking in virginia, governor mitt romney traveling to nevada. on thursday it was the president's comments about partisanship in washington and made some headlines. >> we know now that as soon as i came into office we already had meetings among some of our republican colleagues saying how do we figure how to beat the president and i think that i've learned some lessons over the last four years and the most important lesson i've learned is that you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. >> mitt romney was quick to attack the president's remarks. >> the president today threw in the white flag of surrender again.
8:05 am
he said he can't change washington from inside. he can only change it from outside. well we're going to give him that chance in november. he's going outside. i can change washington, i will change washington, we'll get the job done from the inside. >> the presidential race seems to be having an impact on an important senate race in massachusetts. the polls there show elizabeth warren ahead of scott brown. we go boston where the candidates debated for the first time last night. elaine, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the senate race here is shaping up to be one of the most hotly contested battles in the country. republicans need a net gain of four seats to win back control of the senate. so it's critical for the gop that scott brown hangs on to the late senator ted kennedy's seat and last night both sides went on the attack. the debate started off on a polite note. >> think that senator brown is a
8:06 am
nice guy. >> you're a nice woman too. >> reporter: republican senator scott brown and his democratic challenger elizabeth warren quickly came out swinging. >> if you want somebody who will spend your tax dollars give it to professor warren she will spend them. >> he will let taxes go up for 98% of families in order to protect tax breaks for the top 2%. >> reporter: warren a harvard professor who is running in her first election repeatedly sought to tie her campaign to president obama, who is expected to win the state handedly. >> i'm still working to have president obama be the commander-in-chief, not mitt romney. >> reporter: senator brown never mentioned mitt romney but he did bring up the president. >> i supported the president, president obama, obviously, in his surge in afghanistan and i support his withdrawal. >> reporter: brown highlighted his bipartisan work with the president in a campaign ad. and this week he was one of three gop senate candidates who distanced themselves from romney's controversial comments that 47% of americans pay no
8:07 am
income tax. the other two one in connecticut the other nevada are also facing tight races. during the debate brown not only stayed away from mentioning mitt romney, he also appeared to keep his distance from his party. he repeatedly stressed his bipartisanship and referred to himself as a moderate pro choice republican. gayle? >> thank you so much. illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. is battling depression and now he has financial problems. jackson's office says medical bills are forcing the congressman to sell his house in washington. the four bedroom victorian is priced at $2.5 million. jackson and his wife took out a $400,000 loan against the house two years ago. the iphone 5 goes on sale today some customers are ready to grab a compass. apple is taking some heat for replacing google map software with its own apple maps on the
8:08 am
iphone 5. well users are finding misplaced labels on landmarks like the washington monument and there are cities with missing roads and no directions for public transit. apple says it is working to improve the map feature. might wait a minute, norah before i get that iphone 5 i'm thinking. >> exactly. just a little while before they fix it. monica lewinsky reportedly is writing a tell all book about her sexual relationship with former president clinton 14 years ago. the "new york post" said lewinsky will put her secret love letters in that book. a close
8:09 am
>> nasa just announced a big step in private space travel. the founder of spacex is here to tell us why his eyes are set on mars and beyond. you're watching cbs "this morning". chili's lunch break combos are a sizzling deal, starting at 6 bucks. try our new lunch-size chicken fajitas, sauteed onions and peppers topped with grilled chicken, served with soup or salad. chili's lunch break combos, starting at 6 bucks.
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♪ on thursday nasa announced the first privately run supply mission to the international space station. it will take off on october 7th. it's a big event for the company spacex and it's founder ceo elon musk. he's also ceo of tesla motor company. "business week" magazine calls him a 21st industrialist and a throw back to business legends like john d. rockefeller.
8:14 am
elon musk is with us now. i'm pleased to have you here. let's talk about what you'll do in space. what will happen in the next several years is this >> i think a lot will happen in the next several years. we're going to see the first private orbital transport, in about three years we'll be transporting to the international space station for nasa. >> the contract with nasa. >> yes. we have a contract for cargo transport to and from the space station station. we're moving on to astral transport. long term is to develop the technology to transport large numbers of people and cargo to mars with the goal of establishing a self-sustaining civilization on mars. >> why do you believe that's possible? >> i know it's possible. i know it's within the realm of possible. i didn't know that until two years ago. >> what happened to tell you?
8:15 am
>> the calculations worked out. >> life is sustainable on mars? >> you need to live in a zone, initially. but over time you could make mars like earth and eventually walk around outside without anything. >> what is it about space for you and what is it about your belief that the private sector can do the job? >> well, i think in order for us to have a future that's exciting and inspiring it has to be one where we're a space civilization. at least to me it does. and i think we want to get out there, we want to be on multiple planets, we want to make the things that we've read about in science-fiction books and see in movies become a reality. that's the kind of future that i think is very exciting.
8:16 am
so, i think we want to be on a path towards making that happen. >> what's happening in the electric car market that you've bean pioneer in. >> with electric cars, the real trick is making electric cars so compelling you want to buy them over a gasoline car even if the price of gasoline is not high. we have a fundamental issue because the price of gasoline should be much higher than it is -- if the price of gasoline reflected the true cost of gasoline in terms of damage to the environment but since it's not we have to make compelling electric cars. tesla is about accelerating the advent of electric as far as. >> why did you shift to the emphasis on a sedan from a sports car? >> well, a sedan is a much broader market. and it's really about making the mass market electric cars affordable. so we started off with a low
8:17 am
volume high priced model. the step two is a mid-price mid-volume car. >> you started with pay pal. and a whole group of billionaires came out of pay pal. then you have gone from success to success. what is it that enables you to dream like this and make things happen? what's the secret to you? >> i don't know. i think -- >> is it dreaming and believing or is it implementation of ideas? >> well, i think most people reason by analogy and i try to reason from first principle, sort of a physics approach. i'm not sure if that makes any sense. essentially if you want to figure out something new it's best to start with the most fundamental principles, the things that seem to the most fundamental truth in something and reason upward from there as opposed to reason by analogy.
8:18 am
>> understand. i ask often who is the next steve jobs, you know and a lot of people suggest larry page, jack dorsey. my friend said it's probably you. >> very kind of you to say that. >> nice have you here. our next guest say there's a right time to do everything. he's here to hip get the best doctor's appointment and job interviews among many other things. that's coming up right here on cbs "this morning". i love my extrabucks rewards, and right now, they're doubling! so, when i shop -- i earn twice as much with double extrabucks rewards. that's two times the rewards! yeah, that's what double is. i know. i was agreeing with you. it's two times. act fast and sign up at for double quarterly extrabucks rewards. don't miss getting double quarterly extrabucks rewards.
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8:21 am
♪ i guarantee you, you will not find a cuter rescue than this. look at this baby goat that got stuck under water. could have drowned. a pig of all people came to the rescue pushing the goat to safety.
8:22 am
both animals made it out. i love it every time i see it. >> the pig is showing him where to go. >> leading him along the way. tomorrow on cbs "this morning" on saturday a city bus driver sees a homeless man walking in the cold without shoes, stops the bus full of passengers, gives the guy the shoes on his feet. that generous act is getting worldwide attention and the driver will be with us tomorrow on cbs "this morning" on saturday. >> michael chiklis is headed to vegas on his way stopping by us at studio 57. this morning he'll talk about a new role as a mob boss in the 1960s. your local news is coming up and then we'll meet michael. ñ
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:30 am
♪ welcome to cbs "this morning." if you need help deciding when, when to buy stocks or when to buy a new television, mark divinchenzo says he has the answer. >> his new book is called "buy shoes on wednesday and tweet at 4:00 more of the best times to buy this, do that and go there." i love the information you gathered. we'll figure out your system in just a second. where does your information come from? >> it comes from experts. could be doctors and lawyers, could be butchers, bakers and
8:31 am
candlestick makers. everybody that has information to help me. >> when is the best time to get speedy service from your doctor? >> on wednesday. doctors say wednesdays are the slowest time in their practices. >> when is the best time to tweet >> tweet between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. >> when is the best time to eat lunch? >> nutritionists say we should eat four meals a day, a big breakfast, two to 300 calories lunches. eat your lunches at 11:00 and 2:00. >> best time to lose weight. nine the winter. >> why? >> you have to understand something about something called brown fat. called good fat. it burns calories doesn't store them and works harder in the winter when it's colder outside. >> how did you decide the topic that you were going pick? >> i wanted to pick topics that would be of interest to most people. that's sort of how i narrowed it
8:32 am
down. >> what was the most surprising thing you discovered? >> oh, gosh. >> so many? >> there's so many that were surprising. i would say that, for example, the best month the year to buy a gift card online is in january because some people are getting gift cards for christmas but they are gift cards that they don't want so they sell them in january. >> let's play a guessing game. when is the best time to buy a gym membership. >> i would have said at the beginning the year. >> i would assume it's at the end of summer. >> it is the summer. >> because -- >> because people like me who make new year's resolutions and break them by the time the weather is nice and gyms are giving you three months to join. >> why do you buy shoes on wednesday? >> you buy them online on wednesday. you can get 40% off on wednesday. there's a group called shop with
8:33 am and they can tell you the best time to buy things online. >> this is based on talking to people in business. doctors will tell you when is the best time to get best service. how much science is here. can you find this out other than talking to people who are part of the process of doing the things that you're measuring? >> exactly. yes. a lot of this is quantitative. >> he's a polite person. you tell us the best time to get engaged and the best time to break off the engagement. equal opportunity. best time to get engaged is -- >> about a year or so after you've been going out with a person. again lots of studies show success rates increase after you've been dating for a year. best time to break off an engagement, this is the best time to break bad news in general is in the evening. >> in the evening because? >> because our heart rates are lower then, our blood pressure is lower. we have less chance of
8:34 am
getting -- having a heart attack in the evening. no joke. the american heart association recommends that layoffs occur in the afternoon not in the morning. >> i also like this one. the best time of day and day of week to drive and live to tell about it. >> right. this is between 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning. sort of logical. fewer people driving then, less chance to get in an accident. >> when is the best time to buy an iphone 5? >> well, it must be right now. >> and if we were going to interview and you're in line for an interview should you be first or last? >> the hiring managers say it doesn't matter but it really does. being last, you're 55% likely to get the job than if you're first. you're 17% likely to get that job. >> i would have bet first because i think you get a first time impression. >> they forget about you. >> never good be forgotten. thank you, mark. today is the best time to talk
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
♪ good music. michael chiklis won an emmy and golden globe playing vic mackey. on "vegas" he place another crime boss, vincent savino. >> you're not going anywhere. i'm planting my flag. you're going to be like my right hand. huh? i'm glad to hear you say that. got to deal with one thing at a time. first, you find the rat.
8:38 am
hello, michael chiklis joins us at the table. before we talk about you and your fantastic career did you notice the music coming in? >> i did. who was that? >> that michael chiklis band. yeah. it's exciting for me. >> didn't know that you could sing, number one, and that music was such a passion for you >> all my life. i was in bands all through high school and college and really a good one, in fact. just life got in the way. my pesky acting career. >> let's talk about that pesky acting career. first i want to talk about your daughter. i read her blog. she's in college on the west coast. she said my actual family has been replaced by photos on the wall. i couldn't hear my dad' booming voice from down the wall and i couldn't ask my mom if my outfit was cute enough to be seen in.
8:39 am
>> actually my wife's blog is called carpool couture and cocktails. i'm very proud of my wife. when my daughter was getting ready to go to college she turned to me one morning and said i have to do something or i'm going to lose my mind. temple ti nest thing started to kick in and that was a rhetoric to one of her blogs about her daughter leaving home. >> was it hard for you to drop autumn off? >> yeah. you know, as parents we spend so much time and effort raising them and loving them and nurturing them and then all of a sudden one day you see her driving away. and i put on a good face, and, you know, smiled and helped her with all of her stuff and moved her into the dorm room and then my wife and i -- we didn't make it out of the parking lot. i thought we would break down in the break down lane. as it turns out we were weeping
8:40 am
like children. >> i have to say i'm smitten with your wife joy when you were nominated for an emmy was so infectious the way she screamed. in reading about you after the movie daddio you and your wife sat down together and said you no longer want to play the likeable guy. you guys decided what? >> i'll never forget the quote because it was so quotable. she said michael, i was frustrated, i was voicing how there's so many different things i can do and nobody knows this. she levelled me with that look she gives me, she said michael it's not incumbent upon the networks and the studios to reinvent you, it's incumbent upon you to reinvent yourself. it just hit me in the head. i thought you know what? you're right. i have to do the work. i have to do what i need to do to change the perception. >> now here we are. they said "vegas" is cowboys versus gangsters.
8:41 am
were you playing the cowboy or the gangster. you're playing the gangster and you said he doesn't wear a black hat, he wears navy blue. >> these guys, if my role in "the shield," vic mackey was about a cop that started an an idealist and spiralled into corruption, inventory scene savino was raised in corruption and is trying to liken himself to a phoenix and come out of that. because you get dragged back - into the mire. it's a theme we've seen before, you know, the godfather franchise. >> it's you and dennis quaid. based on a real life sheriff in vegas. the two of you become adversaries. >> you know, he was an extraordinary guy. he was the sheriff for 20 years.
8:42 am
he was from '60 to '80. that period wasn't the birth of vegas but the growth of vegas. there was an explosive time of growth where it was a one horse town when my character arrives in vegas. over the next 20 years it exploded. >> we seem to be fascinated with the '60s, don't you think? something now about us looking at the '60s. >> it has to do with twitter and facebook. the world has changed. it's smaller. and information is so quick. people like yourself make us aware of anything that happens all over the world at all times. where it was a simpler time and for your time, i think we were more free. and that brings bad things in. good things. more free to do wonderful thing but more free to do bad things as well. >> well please note we're wishing you well on cbs. >> thank you so much. >> people are predicting a hit for you. >> boom. >> congratulations.
8:43 am
"vegas" premieres this tuesday at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on cbs. a high school football star is heading to vegas to play in the pros. he had to overcome prison and a lie to get there. we'll check in one more time with brian banks to find out exactly how he's doing. coming up on cbs "this morning." ♪ dream on ♪ dream on until your dream comes true ♪ x
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
back in may we first brought you the story of brian banks his pro football ambitions were cut short by false accusations that left him in prison. this morning he signed a contract with the minor league team in las vegas and as randy page of our los angeles station reports, banks never lost faith. >> reporter: you are literally looking at a dream come true. at 26 most professional football players are well into their careers. brian banks is just beginning his. >> definitely new life but it's good. >> reporter: a new life that took a dramatic turn just four months ago. >> petition is granted. >> reporter: may 24th, brian banks was exonorrated that his alleged victim admitted never happened. banks was a 16-year-old star
8:47 am
linebacker waiting for a scholarship in 2002 when he was accused of rape. he spent the next five years in prison and another four years as a registered sex offender with a tracking bracelet around his ankle. then his alleged victim admitted the rape never happened. through it all brian banks drive to play pro football never faltered. any way to describe the whirlwind you've been on? >> no. nonstop in pursuing the dream. >> reporter: with no offers banks decided to sign with the las vegas low could notive, a football team with players with all that's right and a fraction of their nfl counterparts. >> whether i'm playing alongside them, behind them coming off the sidelines i'm ecstatic. >> i like the attitude. >> reporter: jim fassel is head
8:48 am
coach for the low know i was the. >> when you saw brian on the field today what did you see? >> i saw an athlete out there. i'll tell you what. he made a couple of calls to adjust the defense. so i'm going this is the first day out here, man. you're just learning this stuff. i was impressed with that. >> reporter: wearing a t-shirt that spems out x-- spells out xonerate. >> a big part of me is a part that wants to give back to the california innocence project and people who have been wrongfully committed of crimes they didn't commit. >> reporter: the next big milestone comes wednesday night when they host the virginia destroyers in the opening game of this ufl season and brian banks will have an opportunity to fulfill the dream he's had ever since he was 16 years old, to step on to a football field as a professional football player. it may not be the nfl, but for
8:49 am
bring banks it's a dream come true. >> i'm thankful for everything that's taken place. >> what have you learned about yourself? >> never quit. that no matter what i go through in life, you know, i accept the path before me. >> reporter: driven by a dream of a 16-year-old boy that continues to inspire the man. randy page in henderson, nevada. >> great story. wish him well. >> big dream. good to see him on the football field. before we go today we want to wish robin roberts strength. we heard her bone marrow transfer went well. she recently lost her mom and said that gave her extra strength. >> we wish her sister well as well. >> her sister was a perfect match. you're absolutely right. >> good to see you. have a great weekend. norah have a great weekend. >> sending our love introduce bin as well.
8:50 am
>> as we leave, we leave you with a look back at the week that was, a great weekend. ♪ >> perhaps the biggest influence in sports film making is right here, television. >> steve sabol leading a company that recasted gritty sports into a grandiose idea. >> this infusion. >> we do. >> i'm surprised of the upgrade. >> how do you like the iphone 5. >> do i. >> is it worth the hype? >> i think it is. >> blue everyone azul. >> american notified 11,000 employees they could lose their jobs. >> bringing 1,200 new jobs. >> hello you hand something. >> they called me archie. >> i love a girl named archie. >> please leave your card, cell phone number. you might be a little nutty. >> gayle i wouldn't have known
8:51 am
the magazine was out or that i was on the list if you hadn't called me. >> the national zoo said they have finally seen this baby panda. >> that's good news for mama bear. >> legitimate possibility i'll be winning this case. >> this video is proving to be a big distraction. >> everybody has their youtube moment. who cares about people. trust me i could state it more clearly. >> why not be the champion of tax reform? >> part of the elements he's talked about are. >> repeated waves of such incidents. >> suicide bomber -- >> bread and butter of afghan and nato troops patrolling side-by-side has been suspended. >> temporary in nature. >> get them to the point before we can leave, if you can't get them to the point you're in a kwaundry. >> you're right charlie. >> those photos appeared in three different publications in
8:52 am
three different countries. >> what topless photos? we have no problems here? >> '70s and '80s, everyone here at this table look at the pictures? >> keep the magic. ♪ >> next. >> hanging on. >> all right. >> that's how we do this show. >> really? >> it's not as vein as it looks. >> are you sort of a george clooney here? >> now you're playing a bad ass bisexual. >> you're so astute. has the energy to engage the
8:53 am
eggheads on his pbs talk show. >> that's you charlie. >> that does it for us. thanks.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training,
8:57 am
working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
the chef who says lindsay lohan ran over him. now he's in a wheelchair. and just released by cops, surveillance video of what really happened. and, trapped, 300 feet in the air. >> the thrill ride turns into a three-hour ordeal. >> and it's happening everywhere. >> we're stuck 300 feet up. >> then, beloved robin roberts. on the same day she undergoes her bone marrow transplant. >> i feel the love. and why kelsey grammer stormed off a live tv show. >> he appears to have left the building. >> and oprah winfrey's free- fall on the list of the 50 most powerful business women. >> i barely made the list. >> then the incredible unarmed
9:01 am
woman. she can do anything you can. she eats and texts with her toes. >> using my feet was always the answer. >> she can even drive and pump her own gas. plus, president obama. wedding crasher? >> i think i was in shock for awhile. >> the campaign rally at her wedding. now "inside edition" in high definition with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello, everybody, and thank you for joining us. video has just been released of the exact moment that a chef claims lindsay lohan hit him with a posh. but does the video help or hurt his case? either way he's sticking to his story being photographed in a wheelchair with his leg in a brace. diane mcinerney has more. >> it's your first look at the chef who says he was hit by a car driven by lindsay lohan outside a new york nightclub. clutching a pair of crutches,
9:02 am
jose rodriguez leaves the hospital in a wheelchair, his left leg bound in a brace. "i just saw the car coming and i turned around," says rodriguez. "it hurt a lot." and now new york city police are releasing the surveillance video. we see lindsay's car appear to come in contact with the chef then we see the car continue to go down the ramp into the grasmght moments later you can see the chef running after lindsay's car as it headed down this ramp. >> it happened here and was captured by these surveillance cameras mounted on techs steer your of the building. the chef says he was coming out of this back door after finishing his shift. the question now is, was the chef really injured? security expert steve cardian. >> at the very least we have a man being brushed by a car. at the very most we have someone taking advantage of lindsay lohan's fame and money.
9:03 am
>> reap for lohan claims the entire incident is much to do about nothing. and today there was a retweet of a message from a fan. "the world really should leave lindsay alone." on the night she was photographed she was photographed having a good time at a slash concert in manhattan. now stunning news about lindsay's mom dina lohan. earlier this week she stunned the world by giving dr. phil the finger. now we've learned she's held a 50th birthday party for her self, and according to one person, dina watched lindsay down at least one double vodka. what kind of mother does that to a daughter what struggles with drug and alcohol addiction? >> a source close to the investigation says that blurry video doesn't prove or disprove that lohan clipped the chef with her car. now a heart-felt thank you
9:04 am
from "good morning america"'s robin roberts. robin is telling her well wishers that all of their good thoughts are helping her get better. >> an emotional message from robin roberts on a momentous day in her life. >> i feel the love. >> today robin undergoes a life- saving bone marrow transplant. she's calling it her new birthday. speaking from her hospital bed the "good morning america" host appeared frail and close to tears as she thanked well wishers for their messages of support. >> this journey is as much about the mind as it is the body. the thoughts are so powerful. you have to change the way you think in order to change the way you feel. >> robin has undergone eight days of intensive chemotherapy to prepare her for the transplant. her oncologist described what she's going through. >> robin looks great. she's a powerhouse. but she feels crumby.
9:05 am
her mouth hurts, she's got a headache that won't quit. nothing tastes right. it's hard to get up and even move around, but she is a trooper and fighting through it and doing very well. >> i feel the love, and i thank you for it. >> deborah: the next milestone for robin will be about month from now when doctors will have the first evidence of whether her body is accepting her sister's donor cells. it was supposed to be a fun day at the theme park but it ended in terror 300 feet above the ground. 20 people left dangling in the air as day turned to night, all when a thrill ride broke down. >> it's a thrilling experience, but the ride known as the wind seeker turned into a thing of terror, trapping 20 people 300 feet in the air for nearly four hours. day turned to night as the passengers waited with baited breath to be rescued. >> there was nowhere to go, and i knew, i'm stuck here. >> get this.
9:06 am
43-year-old donna garrison is afraid of heights. her husband jimmy had talked her into going on the wind seeker as a way to get over her fear. talk about a good idea backfiring. >> i went through the whole thing. i can't move. you freeze and you shake, and hyperventilate. >> "inside edition" has learned that the wind seeker at knot's berry farm outside l.a. broke down earlier this month, and it's not an isolated problem. >> hi, we're stuck 300 feet up on the wind seeker. >> just look at two dozen people dang gelled 300 feet above the water in july at cedar point, 0 hi o. the ride was built at a cost of $5 million. it's a huge draw at amusement parks across the nation. but con that says don't expect to see her ride on one again. >> i don't like to tempt fate too much, so i'll watch him go. >> deborah: can't argue that with with you. knot's berry farm tells us they are investigating why the
9:07 am
ride's automatic security system shut down, adding that the safety of riders their first priority. he was supposed to be piers morgan's first guest of the night but just minutes before the live interview was to begin kelsey grammer walked out. >> kelsey grammer walks out. >> kelsey grammer was due to be on by now, but he appears to have left the building. we're not quite sure what's going on. >> that's how piers morgan made the announcement last night on his cnn show just after an angry kelsey stormed out before he was scheduled to be on the set. >> i spoke to him, and he was due and was happily looking forward to come on, but he has exited stage left. >> so why did he bolt? apparently kelsey was upset to see this photo of his ex-wife camille during the opening of the show and decided right then he was out of there. piers morgan tweeted, i like kelsey grammer personally but this was a shock thing to do. i wasn't even going mention his ex-wife but a rep for the actor tells "inside edition," piers
9:08 am
needs to take responsibility for what he did to kelsey. it's called account afternoon. oprah winfrey has fallen. she's dropped to dead last on the list of the 50 most powerful women. last year she kass 16, now she's 50. claims the magazine, she's lost her midas touch. the only woman on this list since its inception is hanging on barely. the tv titan had a good laugh about her position on cbs this morning. she says she's not phased. >> for me, that's the most important thing is how i use what pie position, what my abilities what my success has been able to do for other people. >> deborah: so why the big drop for oprah? fortune magazine reports the sales of "o" magazine recently fell almost 18% and oprah's own network continues to struggle. it was a dream wedding that was supposed to take place on
9:09 am
patientesque farm but then president obama came to town and one bride and groom feared that a circus would ensue and ruin their special day. >> it was just another campaign stop in the battle ground state of iowa for at the present time but it spelled wedding day disaster for this bride and groom. she had planned her wedding for six months, down to the last cupcake. she chose this beautifully preserved old barn on an historic farm as the setting for her special day but just days before the big day she was told her wedding was in jeopardy. >> she said that a special guest was going to come and she can't tell me who, and i guessed the president. >> this was the scene on the wedding day. thousands gathered to see the president. right behind him is the barn where she and john had planned to marry. >> i'm thinking the worst possible scenarios, thinking, we may not be able to get in there, everybody is going to have to go through secret
9:10 am
service. >> as the president spoke, she waited nearby holding her dress. >> all the stuff to get ready for hair and may wedding dress. i didn't even look out the window. i didn't want to know. >> reporter: but it was one of those rare campaign stops where everything went according to schedule. when the president was threw and the crowd had dispersed, it was the bride and groom's time to shine. and that's not all. the president had been made aware of the time crunch and left the couple a special wedding gift. a silver cup and tray and this handwritten note. congratulations on the wedding. michelle and i wish you a great life together, barack obama. >> things played out perfectly. we couldn't have asked for a better ending. >> deborah: and that's a wedding gift nobody could think to put on their registry. we'll be right back. next, how we got a job as a personal trainer with zero experience. >> i got the job. >> and where's daddy? >> tom cruise, furious over claims that he hasn't seen his daughter surry in 49 days.
9:11 am
and britney freak-out. then, the incredible unarmed woman. she can do anything you can. she eats, and texts with her toes. >> using my feet was always the answer. >> she can even drive and pump her own gas. "inside edition" in high definition will
9:12 am
hollywood pedophiles. next "inside edition." does child sex abuse run rampant in hollywood? >> i was sexually abused for three years when i was a child. >> "inside edition" investigates. >> how many other young actors in hollywood did you molest? >> watch the next "inside edition." >> deborah: tom cruise is hitting back today against claims that he's an absent father to little surry. >> tom cruise is fighting mad over this headline.
9:13 am
"where's daddy? " asks london's daily mail. tom cruise enjoy's the single life but he hasn't been seen with surry for 49 days. cruise seen coming out of a nightclub in london calls the claim he hasn't seen his daughter in a month and a half a disgusting vicious lie. in a statement, cruise's attorney says the star speaks to his daughter twice a day. and the "mission impossible" star is not kidding around about defending his role as a dad. his attorney says, "i have strongly recommended we sue." "modern family"'s jesse tyler ferguson is engaged. >> it's true, i popped the big q. >> i said yes. >> a little too eagerly, if ask you me. >> justin announced the news on this video for their new foundation called tie the they're selling bow ties to raise money for marriage equality. >> who wouldn't want to see us get married? we're as caught as puppies. puppies in bow ties. and britney spears freaks out
9:14 am
when lightning strikes right in the middle of an audition on "the x factor." it happened in greensboro, north carolina. there was a monster summer storm with lightning so loud, britney lost it. >> oh my god, i'm sorry. we need to get out of here. >> deborah: you can see britney's freak-out on "the x factor" thursday night. americans may be getting fatter, but health clubs are now adds 21 billion industry. and the demand for train hears gone through the roof. but they're not always well qualified. our lisa guerrero went undercover, and with no training experience at all, she was offered a job in a gym, as lucy in this special i-squad investigation. >> a little faster. one, two. >> each year some 5 million people get whipped into shape with the help of personal trainers. >> come on, let's see five more. straight up, straight up. >> we're gonna get strong. >> these trainers are experienced, sert fierksd and qualified, but they warn -- >> just buck ear certified does
9:15 am
not mean you're qualified. huge difference. >> this woman would agree. >> i can't work any more. >> theresa lynn, a mother of three girls is a former model from ft. lauderdale and used to be very active. but now she says she's disabled and blames her fitness trainer. >> i will give you the support and knowledge you need. >> she said john king told her that he was a certified personal trainer but recommended improper exercises which caused a back injury so severe it required surgery. >> i said, i don't think i can do any more, and he said, push through it, one more time, one more time. and i just wish to god i had never done that. >> now she ions constant pain and needs a regimen of painkillers including morphine just to get through the day. an "inside edition" investigation found not a single state regulates fitness trainers. in other words, just about anyone can call themselves one. including me. >> i admit, i hardly ever get to the gym, and i've never
9:16 am
studied exercise and fitness. so how easy would it be for know become a certified fitness trainer? and if i could, would anybody hire me with no experience? the first thing i found was this fitness certification course being offered on-line, where, believe it or not, you don't have to pay until you pass. it took a couple of hours, and i easily passed, and lo and behold, i was able to immediately print out my official looking certificate. and it didn't take long to get a second certification. all i had to do was attend a one-day course in new york city. i passed this one, too, and received another official look certificate. now with two easy certifications in hand, could i get a job? first, i put on a wig to avoid getting recognized. that didn't work at this place in washington, d.c. >> you're not lisa guerrero, are you? do i look familiar? >> yes. >> at another d.c. gym they
9:17 am
didn't recognize me but weren't impressed with my certificate. >> neither of your two certs are, in fact, on the approved list. >> no job here. but at this gym in d.c., my first interview went well, even though i told them i had no experience. >> i have two certifications for personal training, but i've never trained anybody. i haven't trained anybody specifically. is that okay? >> yes. >> believe it or not, i was invited back for a second interview, all the time being upfront about my lack of experience. >> do you train now already? >> no, i have never trained. >> never trained. >> no. >> never, ever, ever? >> that's why i got these certifications. >> i think that these certs, not because you've taken them, are a piece of crap, because certs to me, it's just a legal thing we need, a rud did i meant to allow us to have you ensured. >> even though he didn't think much of my certifications, an hour later i received a call
9:18 am
with a job offer. >> great, so i got the job. >> knowing that i wasn't qualified, i didn't take the job. >> blow as hard and as fast as you can. >> fitness and exercise expert anthony abbott has a doctorate degree in education. he says the public should be aware with not every personal trainer is qualified. >> see, the public has this idea that if a person is certified that somehow the government has written off on this. there are no state, no federal mandates for certification. >> something theresa lynn found out too late. >> it's taken all of the joy out of my life. >> deborah: ms. lynn sued her trainer. they settled out of court. we tried to talk to the owner of the gym that offered lisa that job, but he refused to comment. they did tell her, however, that if she took the job she would shadow another trainer for at least 10 hours before she would be allowed to train clients on her own. for tips on how to choose a trainer visit our website at
9:19 am when we come back, you'll be amazed at what this young woman can do without arms. for today's groupon deal of the day
9:20 am
9:21 am
>> deborah: she said she was just goofing around at home and decided to make some vid crows but the videos that tisha have put on youtube have created quite a following because the one thing that tisha doesn't have is arms. >> meet tisha unarmed. >> hi, everyone this is tisha unarmed, and i'm here to answer all your questions about not having arms. >> she's the 26-year-old youtube sensation what is showing the world what it's like to live life without arms. >> today i want to show you guys how i take showers. i wash my legs. i use my chin to carry my plate. >> she recorded her first video one month ago and already she has more than one million hits. >> i never thought that i was going to get three hits, four, but now i'm up to a million.
9:22 am
>> tisha, who lives in st. louis, was born without arms and quickly learned to use her at the time as hands. just look how fast she can send a text message. >> using my feet was always the answer. that's how i did things. >> she's able to do everything everyone else does, including putting on makeup. tisha's mom says her daughter has always been independent. >> this is when you were just about two. such a beautiful smile. >> nothing holds her back. nothing stops her. >> and that includes adapting her car so she can drive. >> i have a computer, buttons on the back of the headrest that control the turn signals. >> just watch how she handles slipping her credit card into the debit machine at the gas station so she can pump her own gas, balancing the nozzle between her chin and shoulder. her boyfriend jared says she's absolutely inspiring. >> i was so amazed and in shock, i just had to meet her. >> she can even paint with her
9:23 am
feet. one look at tisha is enough to disarm anyone who is quick to judge. >> seeing someone without arms is maybe a shock but i think it's important for people to be open minded. >> deborah: what a cool lady. open minded. >> deborah: what a cool lady. when why do we have aflac... aflac... and major medical? major medical, boyyy, yeah! [ beatboxing ] berr, der berrp... ♪ i help pay the doctor ♪ ain't that enough for you? ♪ there's things major medical doesn't do. aflac! pays cash so we don't have to fret. [ together ] ♪ something families should get ♪ ♪ like a safety net ♪ help with food, gas and rent, so cover your back, with... ♪ a-a-a-a-a-a-a-aflac! [ male announcer ] help protect your family at [ beatboxing ]
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9:25 am
>> stay tuned, there's more "inside edition" to come.
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9:28 am
>> deborah: finally, staying forever young. >> check out grandpa. he's crashing a rav party. watch him shake those hips with his walker. and here's an 83-year-old grandma doing a keg-stand. she can keep up with any college kid. >> deborah: and her
9:29 am
9:30 am
"gma's" robin roberts' bone marrow transplant today. what her co-host is telling us about her condition. i'm brooke anderson in new york city. "the insider" is on. it's a very important day for our friend robin. >> this journey is as much about the mind as it is the body. >> it's very difficult to watch. >> robin's fellow "good morning america" anchor on her hospitalization. >> as a friend it's a little heartbreaking. >> her prognosis after 18 hours of chemo. >> as her tv family and colleagues reach out. >> we want her to get well soon. >> we love you, robin. paris hilton under fire for her offensive taxicab confession. >> i would be scared if i was a
9:31 am
gay giek. lindsay lohan's alleged hit-and-run victim. dr. phil on her new york arrest. >> it makes me wonder what's behind it. kelsey grammer versus piers morgan. why kelsey stormed out before their interview. in "star watch." >> kelsey grammer appeared to have left the building. did you ever question amanda's innocence? >> one-on-one with amanda knox's ex, his new tell-all after they were cleared of the headlinemaking murder in italy. plus, tv's long island medium. >> is your grandmother also departed? >> our emotional reading today. >> they are really both here. now, from hollywood, "the insider" is on. in the spring, she came to my house and talked to the ghosts who lived there. now, it's brooke's turn. she sits down with theresa caputo, the long island medium. welcome to "the insider." brooke anderson is in new york city. and brooke, from what i have seen and from what i hear, things got very emotional with theresa. >> yes, just wait, kevin, i
9:32 am
wasn't anticipated what happened. but first, from here in times square, news today about robin roberts' bone marrow transplant. we're with her co-host opening up about her prognosis. as her "good morning america" family rallies around her. it's tonight's inside story. >> very important day for our friend robin. >> in just a few hours, she begins her bone marrow transplant. >> this journey is about the mind as it is the body. thoughts are so powerful. >> robin roberts, today, sending a video message to fans before undergoing a painful bone marrow transplant. robin has been in the hospital for 11 days and has undergone eight days of chemotherapy. sam champion visited her in the hospital and "good morning america" anchor josh elliott was with her the night before she went in. >> everything we're told, the first 100 days after this operation, are really, they're most the delicate. >> josh, who will co-host the
9:33 am
emmys' preshow with our debbie matenopoulos today, in los angeles. >> how difficult is it that you can't really know exactly how she is because you can't go to the hospital to see her? >> it's really hard. and it's supersedes work. she's far more than a colleague. she's far more than even somebody that i fight through the predawn with. she's a dear friend. >> yesterday, after finishing chemo robin tweeted -- today is a day of rest. poz ty thoughts, words and deeds. >> fans sending support to robin on transplant days. a day that many transplant recipient refer to as their new birthday. >> we're all here for you on her new birthday. >> we wish her the best. she's a great girl. i love robin. >> she's fantastic. >> joy behar and meredith vieira with "the insider" today on the set of joy's new current tv show. >> we want her to get well soon. she'll be okay.
9:34 am
>> we love you, robin. and i know that her sister is the one supplying the bone marrow. that's a perfect match. >> that leads to our inside view, what's next for robin? >> there's nobody better equipped for the fight ahead than robin roberts. >> you have to think of her like a newborn baby. >> dr. braverman is the author of "younger you," he said that the months ahead are critical. >> she has isolate herself for nine months, she can come out of the crib, so to speak, and start talking and dealing with everyone else. >> there are millions and millions of people who are rooting her home. >> and robin's donor sister, sally-ann, shared her hopeful outlook. at this critical time. she wrote on her facebook page -- this is not a sprint, it's a marathon and with god's grace robin will go the distance. we of course share that sentiment and wish robin all the best. right now, we're moving on to "star watch." paris' homophobic rant. new york.
9:35 am
paris hilton caught on tape making shocking anti-gay statements posted today on radar online. >> i would be scared if i were a gay guy. you'll like die of aids. >> this video allegedly recorded by a cab driver. a spokesperson telling "the insider" paris hilton's comments were to express that it is dangerous for anyone to have unprotected sex that could lead to a life-threatening disease. to see the full statement go to now, our nina parker on paris' latest controversy. >> hilton was having a conversation with a gay friend. about a popular social site for gay men. this is not the first time that paris has been caught making derogatory remarks. in 2007, a video surfaced where she freely used racial slurs. and made homophobic comments. lindsay lohan's victim speaks out. new york. new photos of the man who claims
9:36 am
that lindsay lohan hit him with her car early wednesday morning. jose rodriguez with crutches said that lohan ran into him and fled into a hotel. lindsay lohan reportedly telling friends that this is all a setup. mom dina making news herself with her odd appearance on dr. phil this week. meanwhile, the host commenting on lindsay's latest ordeal. >> people need to give her a break, including her parents, give this individual some space. let her do some things on her own and i think there's been a lot of pressure on her. kelsey's walk-off. new york. piers morgan stunned when guest kelsey grammer walked out of a scheduled appearance last night. apparently, kelsey was watching the show open and saw a picture of his ex camille. >> kelsey grammer. >> piers taking to twitter to say that this was a shockingly unprofessional thing to do. i wasn't even going to mention his ex-wife.
9:37 am
a rep for grammer saying that piers needs to take responsibility for what he did to kelsey. it's called accountability. nigel's "barker." new york. behind the scenes of a psa with former "america's next top model" judge nigel barker and his top model spencer. they're enlisting teenaged shutterbugs to take cute pictures of sheltered dogs to help them get adopted. >> it's really to get people in there to spend some time with the animals. take a picture. it's going to capture hearts and minds. if you do that, they'll get adopted. >> by the way, nigel was one of the casualties when "america's next top model" recast the entire judging panel for their 19th season. he has no hard feelings towards his good friend tyra banks. and said recently, she's a good girl a strong woman and she's done a lot with her life. all right, let's shift gears, tonight, it's your first look at the new jackie robinson biopic starring harrison ford.
9:38 am
"insider" first look at "42." >> the world isn't so simple anymore. i guess it never was. >> we ignored it. now, we can't. >> jackie robinson. >> the legendary 42 played by chad boseman in his breakout role, with ford as the brook indodger who first signed robinson. >> i want a player who's got the guts not to fight back. >> turbulent times as he broke the big league color barrier. jay-z's "brooklyn go hard." ♪ i'm jackie robinson >> "42" out april 12th, the 66th anniversary of jackie robinson day, it's the only time mlb players wear that number. >> give me a uniform, give me a
9:39 am
number on my back. i'll give you the guts. >> you know, president obama actually wanted to stop by the set this summer while he was in atlanta doing a little fund-raising. the white house scheduled a visit. unfortunately he ran out of time before he could swing by. tomorrow, your first look at another movie, the sequel to taken. taken 2. all coming up tomorrow. right now, let's head back to new york and brooke. kevin, still to come tonight -- my moving one-on-one with tv's long island medium and our new tv sit-down with amanda knox's ex. we're going inside his new tell-all about their overturned murder conviction and release from an italian prison. plus, behind the scenes of a primetime tv wedding. that's all ahead from new york.
9:40 am
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the bride wants to see me. >> so, that was a cliffhanger for "how i met your mother." an entire summer to wonder, why neil patrick harris' character, barney, who was engaged to becky newton's character quinn, was about to walk down the aisle with another woman. confused? well, many of us are. that's why we went to the set for answers from the blushing real-life bride herself. >> just made it exhausted. i just did this. >> fresh from her own wedding, cobie smulders is wearing white again and revealing her beautiful tv bridal gown only to "the insider." >> it's classic. classic. and sexy. >> this one is for her tv marriage to neil and is from famous designer monique lhullier. here's your inside view of
9:43 am
the gown, made ivory chantilly lace. it features an off the shoulder neckline. they looked at a variety of dresses before settling on a few for cobie to try on. >> it took five to ten. >> for her own wedding two weeks ago, cobie chose a different look, it featured romantic lace detailing and low back. >> how bad is barney freaking out right now? >> fine. he's totally fine. >> now for those tv nuptials airing monday night on cbs. cobie has cold feet. >> i have a better tie at home. it's cornflower blue. >> everyone neil wonders if his character can be faithful. >> i think barney is a one woman at a time guy. >> you get a prenup or i'll neuter you before she ever has a chance.
9:44 am
>> you know, this cast is very tight. neil patrick harris and alyson hannigan were on hand for her wedding. neil actually tweeted about the nuptials, quote, spent the weekend with the family at one of the most fantastic weddings i've ever attended. by the way, we hope to see neil this weekend at the emmys. he's not nominated. but i figured he'll be there. here's the big deal, if you have any question for anybody who you expect to be on that carpet, then hit us up at "the insider" live on twitter, we, i promise, will ask the questions to the stars on the carpet and play them back on monday. so, you can participate with us. all right, still ahead -- how about these superstars came together to sing a little nicki minaj. then, from here in new york, tv's long island medium gives me a reading that i'll never forget. plus, what amanda knox's ex is only telling me about the murder in italy and where their relationship stands today. that's all ahead from new york. [ snoring ]
9:45 am
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9:46 am
karl urban tries to save his world from a dangerous drug epidemic in "dredd 3d" out tomorrow.
9:47 am
9:48 am
my family is the most important thing right now. >> it's been nearly a year since seattle native amanda knox was released from an italian prison after being cleared in the murder of her college roommate. tonight, amanda's ex-boyfriend also acquitted opens up to me about the crime and his new tell-all. >> did you have anything to do with the death of meredith kercher? >> no. me and amanda, we were in my house during that night, and there's nothing that links us to the murder at all. >> the american college student accused of murdering her roommate. >> it's unbearable.
9:49 am
you always think that it's just a nightmare. the day after you will wake up and everything will be over. but it never happens. it's like a long-lasting impossible nightmare. >> 28-year-old raffaele sollecito with me candid about meeting amanda. did you ever question amanda's innocence? >> there was a lot of confusion. it was really painful and everything was twisted. i never doubted about her. >> what really happened to meredith kercher? >> well, it's hard to imagine. >> the couple blasted for their very public displays of affection and what some called inappropriate behavior. what did you think? what went through your mind? >> it was nice to be affectionate, but it was not the
9:50 am
right moment because the detectives, they had eyes on all all the time and she didn't quite realize that. she's very naive. >> both convicted and sentenced to more than 20 years, but after four years they were released by lack of evidence as chronicled in his book "honor bound" out now. what went through your mind when you learned you were free? >> at first, i had a lot of joy and happiness. but, after a while, i had a lot of bitterness and sadness inside me. because, four years of my life are gone, completely disappeared. >> what's important for me to say is just thank you to everyone who believed in me. >> what would you want the world to know about amanda? >> i want the world to realize that she's just a girl. she's not evil. >> are you still in love with amanda today? >> no. we are good friends now. we moved in different directions with our lives.
9:51 am
she's now in seattle with her boyfriend and i'm moving on with my life. >> and while amanda could have had raffaele send her a copy of his book, she ordered it herself, bought it herself. her book is due out next spring. okay, right now, right across the east river is the new york's long island, the stomping grounds of theresa caputo, the long island medium. tonight i brought her to manhattan, to learn more about the reality tv sensation who says she talks to the dead. >> i love you! >> theresa with star-struck fans near times square. and a celebrity spirit. >> recently connected with whitney houston. >> you connected with whitney? >> i was unfortunately speaking to this young girl who lost her mom and i saw whitney houston standing next to her. i'm like, i'm like, okay,
9:52 am
i said to the girl, was your mom a whitney houston fan? what do you say? >> but it's theresa who's blowing people's minds sunday nights on tv. >> like a sister or a best friend. >> do you think that the show helps better explain a medium? >> absolutely. i believe that it gives people a different look on life. they'll say i'm not afraid to die anymore. >> she's in such high demand that there's a waiting list for her services. our "insider" crew getting spontaneous readings as past spirits pop into our interview. >> did she used to make pants? or something about polyester pants? >> she was a tailor. >> okay. wow. >> so, spirits in here. >> theresa turning her focus to me. >> who was the father figure that departed? father in law? >> grandfather. >> grandfather? did he wear a hat?
9:53 am
>> he just tipped his hat at you. >> oh, perfect. >> my other grandfather was in the military. he gave him the proper, you know. >> he was very at peace and taken aback with the way he was laid to rest. he wants to thank you for that. they're really both here. they're on both sides of the family. >> i can't take it. >> your mom is still here. is that correct? >> i'm not the only "insider" to put caputo's powers to the test. >> the house is being watched over from what i'm seeing. >> what do you mean? >> when kevin frazier needed a ghost buster for his house, he called up caputo. >> i don't feel negative or that it's harmful or haunted as some people might say. >> he said that you were dead-on. >> look, i get freaked out every day when i channel spirits. i really don't know how i do it. i'm being very honest, because it's just the way i am. i was born this way. >> kevin, you heard it straight from theresa herself.
9:54 am
i think you still got a few ghosts at your house. >> we're all living happily together. there's nothing but love in my house. by the way, she really tugs at the heartstrings. >> yes, she does, but she's very positive even when talking about death. she had the whole room in tears but everyone had a smile on their face at the same time. >> did you call and warn your mom about this beforehand? >> i did. i did. still to come -- we have the stars taking on new "american idol" judge nicki minaj's hit.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
"the insider" is getting social, and we want to interact with you, as we interact with the stars. >> thanks you guys. >> good. that was good the way you did that. >> i am on "the insider." >> "the insider" on facebook. @the insider on twitter and is bringing your voice to hollywood. join us and become an "insider." movies, television and music. the latest news at your fingertips. the social media 360 is here. so let's get the conversation started. travel consideration provided by -- before we go, and brooke, i think you're going to love this, the cast of the musical "pitch
9:58 am
perfect" teamed up with this youtube singing sensation, they decided that they were going to tackle nicki minaj's biggest hit. ♪ >> i do love that. you can tell that they put a lot of hard work into it. it's impressive. the rendition was done with the cast and fans who sent in their own home videos singing the hit. you can always check out more on our facebook page. take care, everybody. good night, from new york.
9:59 am
10:00 am
( "let's make a deal" theme playing ) >> wayne: who wants some cash? >> jonathan: it's a new bmw. it's a pair of new rolexes. >> wayne: a trip to los cabos! >> jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now, here's wayne brady! >> wayne: welcome to "let's make a deal." i'm your host wayne brady. these folks are my traders. i need three people to make a deal with me right now. i need you to make a deal with me, right there. let's see, i need you to make a deal with me. i need to you make a deal with me. come on over here. three of you stand right there.
10:01 am
hey, how are you? brian, stand right there for me, sir. now brian, are you a robot or an oven? which... >> i mean i could be either one. i guess robot for all intents and purposes. >> wayne: for all intents... hit us with your best robot. ♪ go, go, go! ( cheers and applause ) you are like a dancing gray boot. ( laughter ) that was awesome. that was awesome, brian, thanks for being here. you are? >> i'm molly? >> wayne: pleasure. and you are? >> kimberly. >> wayne: welcome to the show. now i need to you not block that board because i am going to explain this game to you. this game is the "let's make a deal" lottery. so you know what i'm going to ask you guys to do is shift over this way so i can stand next to the board and tell you what is going to happen. you see, these are eight squares. we're going to play a little lottery involving those squares, but first, before you play the lottery, you need your tickets, right. tiffany coyne has your tickets. three tickets-- red, green, blue.
10:02 am
one ticket says $100, the other $250 and the other one says "win." the first person who has the "win" stays and you make the deal with me. the others-- you take your money, go back to your seat, maybe do the robot a little bit or do the boot, who knows. so kimberly, i picked you first. you pick your ticket. >> blue. >> wayne: blue. that's your ticket. >> there you go. >> wayne: then i picked you. >> green. >> wayne: molly, green. and brian-- sorry? >> i'm going to go for red. >> wayne: you do that, brother. you do that. don't let anyone tell you what to do. you do you. so now you each have your ticket. on the count of three, take the backing off the ticket and let's see what you have. let's do it. no, i want to see you do it. ( laughter ) one, two, three. he won it. ( cheers and applause ) $250, $100, have a seat, ladies, thank you so much for being here. ♪
10:03 am
♪ i got that boot. i'm a shoe. ♪ brian, you could win this. >> jonathan: it's a new hyundai accent. ( cheers and applause ) zip around town in this 2012 accent featuring a six-speed manual transmission and independent front suspension and uni-body construction. plus, it matches your robot skin. this deal is worth $13,340. >> wayne: so here is how you win that car. eight game spaces on the board. two have a picture of me. two have a picture of tiffany. two have a picture of jonathan, two have a picture of the car. if you match two tiffanys, you get $3,000. ( cheers and applause ) if you match two waynes, you get $5,000. if you match two jonathans you get $79.95.
10:04 am
so jonathan, you know what... >> jonathan: i'm going to throw something else in there. i will throw in another silver box for his lower torso. >> wayne: you so you will not be able to walk and you know what i will throw in? >> jonathan: what? >> wayne: i will throw in, because this is egregiously low. that is too low. $79.95. i will throw in another five cents to make that $80. >> jonathan: $80. wow. >> wayne: because are you my buddy. $80, my man. >> jonathan: looking out for me, wayne. >> wayne: i'm looking out for you. >> jonathan: looking out for me. >> wayne: i'm not going to let people disrespect you like that. >> jonathan: thank you. >> wayne: right? >> he is worth more than $79.95. >> wayne: he is worth $80. >> jonathan: exactly. >> wayne: $80 flat. no more, no less. >> it's not even five cents less. >> wayne: right. ( laughter ) these eight spaces. you're going to pick three numbers out of the eight and we're going to scratch them. you want to match. you want the two cars. you want two car symbols to match. because when you match the cars, you get the car. ( cheers and applause )
10:05 am
so pick your three numbers that we're going to scratch off. >> two. >> wayne: two. >> five, seven. >> wayne: two, five and seven. okay, let's start scratching, shall we? oh, you know, that's actually kind of wrong, ladies and gentlemen. you all just groaned when you saw jonathan mangum's face. you know, that's not cool. jonathan, i'm sorry. >> jonathan: my mom used to do the same thing. >> wayne: used to? so-- now let's show you number five. i see a car. ♪ i see a car. i see a car. that is a car, car. ♪ ( cheers and applause ) now, number two, if this is a car, you are driving out of here
10:06 am
in a brand-new car, my friend. but if it is not a car, then you are walking back to your seat. even if you... even if you match another jonathan, that's a good thing, because at least you leave with the 80 bucks that i'm going to give you, right. >> absolutely, i will take it. >> wayne: but if it is tiffany or myself, you leave with nothing. so, i'll tell you what, i will give you a sure thing that is in this big box. tiffany? >> jonathan: it's a gourmet coffee counter. >> wayne: this is yours. >> jonathan: start your day at this counter height table with stackable metal stools and get your caffeine fix with this coffee collection that includes this compact espresso pixie automatic espresso maker with capsules and a milk frother, this grind and brew coffee maker, flavored coffee syrups by sweet bird and more. plus, you'll get a year's worth of coffee beanery coffee. this deal is worth $2,600. >> wayne: okay. so one more jonathan you get 80 bucks. one more car, you get the car. wayne or tiffany, you get nothing. or you could leave with that sure thing right now.
10:07 am
do you like coffee? >> no. ( laughter ) but regardless, you know, go big or go home, right? >> wayne: yes. >> go for it. >> wayne: you're going to go for it. okay. so stand right there for me. go big or go home. ( ominous music playing ) ( laughter ) you got 80 bucks. but you know that's better than nothing. that is better than nothing. that is better-- i do not have $80 on me. but when i get paid, you get paid, you know what i'm saying. yeah. the car was right here. number four. you didn't leave empty-handed. jonathan?
10:08 am
>> jonathan: i will need some change. >> wayne: jonathan will give him $100. you know what, keep the $100, my friend. >> jonathan: whoa! >> wayne: that is how we do it here on "let's make a deal." thank you for playing. more "let's make a deal" right after this. more, robot breakdown. go, go, go. go robot, go robot. go robot! go! go robot, go robot, go. i look just like a shoe. i look just like an oven. ( cheers and applause ) [ bee ] it is coming. that glorious season of nasal congestion. [ sniffs ] ♪ discover nasonex (mometasone furoate monohydrate), the only prescription nasal spray approved to relieve nasal congestion due to seasonal allergies. [ female announcer ] nosebleeds, infections of the nose and throat and slow wound healing may occur. do not use nasonex until your nose has healed from any sore, surgery or injury. eye problems, including glaucoma or cataracts may occur. have regular eye exams. nasonex can increase your risk of getting infections. avoid contact with infections like chicken pox or measles
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is an excellent source of this key nutrient. ♪ we are flintstones kids ♪ ten million strong ♪ and growing your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. >> wayne: welcome back to "let's make a deal". who likes to travel? ( cheers and applause ) let's see. come here, cowboy. come here, cowboy.
10:11 am
jakeen? >> jakeen, yes. >> wayne: jakeen, so you are a cowboy? what is up with that? >> kind of a busted rope. it's all good. >> wayne: it's twine. that's not a... ( laughter ) you are the staple's cowboy. ( laughter ) yippy yay... do you love to travel? >> i do. i love to travel, yeah. >> wayne: what's the furthest you have ever been? >> costa rica. >> wayne: costa rica? >> yeah. i went in may for my birthday. >> wayne: i don't know if this place is actually further but i know it's beautiful. you could win this. >> jonathan: it's a trip to turks and caicos. ( cheers and applause ) you will enjoy six luxurious nights in turks and caicos at the sands at grace bay resort, situated along a 12-mile stretch at famous grace bay beach. you will embark on a parasailing and snorkeling adventure with ocean vibes scuba and water sports, enjoy meals at the beach front hemmingway restaurant
10:12 am
and more. we're including this expandable suitcase and round trip airfare, making this deal worth $8,896. >> wayne: okay. turks and caicos. to win that trip, if you win that trip, you will be flying into providenciales airport in turks and caicos. on the board, there are three airport codes-- psc, tac, pls. one of them is the airport you will be flying into, if you win the trip. pick the right code, you win the trip. which one do you think is the code, you be flying into. ( audience yelling suggestions ) >> pls? i will say pls. >> wayne: pls. now the person that you listened to, do you know them? >> no. >> wayne: so you are just banking your trip, your seven- night getaway on the word of-- who said pls?
10:13 am
there's a dude back there, "i said it! i was trying to spell 'please.'" ( laughter ) >> i think i have seen it on there before. i don't know. i think i have seen it on there before, like on hotwire. >> wayne: okay. but what if you are wrong? >> then it's a zonk and i'm done, so... >> wayne: but you shouldn't have to settle for that. you know what, i will give you $1,000. i will give you $1,000 right now. that's it. i will give you $1,000 to walk away. ( audience yelling suggestions ) >> i'm going to go for it. i will go with pls. >> wayne: you are going to go with pls, okay. let's show you... go ahead. >> jonathan: i was going to say he could use a new rope. you could make it $1,100 and he could get $1,000 and buy a new rope. >> wayne: $1,100. >> no, i'm going to turks and caicos. >> wayne: he's going to turks and caicos, which, that
10:14 am
sounds very odd. man, i got a turks and caicos. i just passed a belize. okay, so let's see what psc is. ( buzzer ) zonk. psc as in washington. do you know what it stands for? exactly. so now we'll give you $1,300 to quit. ( audience yelling suggestions ) >> no, door number two. >> wayne: man, you are really feeling it, aren't you? >> yeah. >> wayne: what if i gave you $1,500 right now. ( audience yelling suggestions ) >> oh, my gosh. no, i'm still going to go for it. >> wayne: okay. let's show him pls. i offered you $1,500. you said you wanted this. ( cheers and applause ) you are going to turks and
10:15 am
caicos. tac is a zonk. ( cheers and applause ) congratulations. more "let's make a deal" after this.
10:16 am
hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in little drops of milk chocolate.
10:17 am
and cookies n creme. pure hershey's. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i know is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. laura's being healthy and chewing her multivitamin. introducing one-a-day vitacraves for women! finally, a great-tasting gummy multivitamin designed... for women with more calcium and vitamin d. it's gummies for grown-ups. new one-a-day vitacraves for women. yep...doh. [ boy ] slurpably fun and a good source of calcium. dads who get it, get go-gurt. >> wayne: i need three people to make a deal with me right now.
10:18 am
( cheers and applause ) let's see. paula, paula the warrior. lumberjack. and last, but not least, leticia, the clown. here we go. come with me. stand over there. paula, garrett and leticia, nice to meet you folks. so you are a warrior, yes? >> princess warrior. >> wayne: i'm sorry, princess warrior. what is your finishing move as a princess warrior? ooo, paper cuts, yes. ( laughter ) you vanquished him with corrugated cardboard cuts. smack him with a upc. love that. garrett, so are you just a lumberjack or are you paul bunyon? >> i could be paul bunyon, but i'm missing my blue ox. he's sick, not feeling well.
10:19 am
>> wayne: i know, man, it sucks. in this country, over 20 blue oxen are lost a year. i know how you feel. i feel your pain. ( laughter ) letecia, are you a clown fairy? >> i'm a clown dressed as a butterfly. >> wayne: you put a whole lot of thought into that, didn't you? well, i got a game for you. this is called don't blame me and you'll find out why. you will not be making your decisions for yourself, you will be making decisions for the other traders, okay. so that is why it is called don't blame me. now, the first deal is trader one to trader two, you will be deciding for garrett. and here is the decision. should he take-- let's see what's in my pocket-- should he take $1,000 or curtain number three. don't blame me. >> curtain number three. >> wayne: curtain number three. she does not want to you have this because she wants you to have that.
10:20 am
>> jonathan: it's an hdtv. this movie lovers package includes this 55-inch high-def led tv featuring ultra smooth crisp picture, perfect for streaming hd movies from this apple tv device. we're also throwing in a blue ray player and a one year movie membership making this deal worth $4,188. >> wayne: garrett has a tv system worth $4,188. thanks to paula. okay, now, trader two decides for trader three. garrett, you decide for letecia. so, should she take 1,000? feel that. now give it back. should she take $1,000 or this small box that jonathan mangum is bringing in right now? senor mangum? ( audience yelling suggestions ) >> she should take the money. >> wayne: garrett is giving you the cash, that is for you, miss letecia. this not for you. a luxury spa day.
10:21 am
>> jonathan: you would have been pampered at the murad inclusive health spa with a facial, massage, skin care products and more. limousine transportation was also included in this deal worth $2,595. >> wayne: so garrett has a tv system. you have $1,000. now you will be deciding paula's deal. so should paula have-- what's in my pocket-- i got another $1,000. should she have this or should she have this "let's make a deal" silver envelope with a check inside, airline tickets, gift certificates, keys to a car, vacations. we don't knows what's in here. this or this? ( audience yelling suggestions ) >> the envelope. >> wayne: the envelope. you're taking the envelope. that means the cash goes back in my pocket. do you want to say bye? okay, so that's in my pocket, which means...
10:22 am
we're going to take a quick commercial break. >> audience: oh! >> wayne: a brand-new dining room set. ( cheers and applause ) >> jonathan: this contemporary collection from i-squared features table and matching chairs, plus stylish bench and rug, also including this charming italian made dinnerware, making this deal worth $3,197. >> wayne: so everybody got a little something, right? so, paula, you've got the dining room set worth $3,197. garrett got the tv system worth $4,188. and, leticia, you have got $1,000 cash. everyone's got a little something. now you are going to make your own deals. you will decide for yourself. you will decide if you want to keep what you have-- keep living room, tv, cash-- or trade it for whatever is behind that curtain. you each can have it. think about it. think about it. we're going to take a quick commercial break and come back with your decision. just think, marinate.
10:23 am
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10:25 am
10:26 am
10:27 am
>> wayne: welcome back. this is a real cliffhanger. before we left, the three of you were making decisions. paula, you got yourself a living room set worth over $3,000. you can keep that. garrett, you have a tv system worth $4,188. you can keep that. leticia, you got $1,000 cash. you can each keep what you have or trade it for whatever is behind curtain two. you can all do it, or you all decide not to. whatever you decide, that's what you get. so paula, what are you going to do? ( audience yelling suggestions ) >> i'm going to keep it. >> wayne: you're going to keep it. garrett? >> keep it. >> wayne: keep it. >> i am going to go for the curtain! ( cheers and applause )
10:28 am
>> wayne: a sight that has never been seen before this side of the atlantic, ladies and gentlemen. i'm going to take this. curtain number two. >> jonathan: it's a pterodactyl tricycle. ( zonk sounds ) >> wayne: leticia. oh. i'm so sorry, my dear. it was great having you on the show. your outfit is awesome. give them all a big round of applause. ( cheers and applause ) have a seat. you know what? you did what you did because hey, there was a chance that it could have been a car behind there, right? there was a chance. in fact, speaking of cars, jonathan, you know what i think? >> jonathan: yeah? >> wayne: i think we're going to do a deal right now that involves a car.
10:29 am
( cheers and applause ) >> jonathan: i would like that. >> wayne: who wants a shot at a car? come here, pink, rocker girl. how are you doing? you are? >> darian. >> wayne: darian. come here, darian. do you want a brand-new car? >> yeah, i would like that. >> wayne: would you? >> i think so. >> wayne: do you want to see one. >> yes, please. >> wayne: go. >> jonathan: it's a new jeep patriot! ( cheers and applause ) hit the highway in this rugged 2011 patriot sport offering sophisticated exterior siding, a five speed manual transmission and premium bucket seats worth $17,890. >> wayne: wow. okay, darian. so, jonathan how much is that car worth? >> jonathan: over $17,000. >> wayne: that is too much money for that car, my friend. too much money. >> jonathan: what you mean,
10:30 am
i'm sorry, what do you mean? >> wayne: that's too much money. you know what, $1,500. >> no. >> wayne: no, no, no. i'm telling you, that is how much i will let you buy that car for, 1,500 bucks instead of what it cost. 1,500 bucks. all you need do, give me 1,500 bucks and i will give it to you. >> i don't have that money. >> wayne: you don't have-- wow, how you can earn that? by playing this game. three decks of cards. three decks of cards. you will pick a deck and tiffany will show you the top card. if there is money behind that card, you get money, boom. but, shuffled into one of the decks is a zonk card. you get the zonk, you lose everything. but if you keep flipping card after card, there is money after money, then you can earn that car by getting $1,500 or more. done. that car will be yours, get it? pick a deck, one, two or three. ( audience yelling suggestions )
10:31 am
>> i will go with three. >> wayne: three, deck three. 300 bucks. so that's how it works. you're on your way, you have 300 bucks. you want to take that money and quit or keep going. >> i'm going to keep going. keep going. i'm going to go with one. >> wayne: one. you got $600. okay, you're very close. you're very close. $900 more. are you going to take it or keep going, knowing if you get a zonk you lose everything. >> yeah, but i'm going to keep going and i am going to go with three again. >> wayne: she's going to keep going with deck three. that's... ( cheers and applause )
10:32 am
are you going to take your money? you got $800, are you going to go or keep playing? ( audience yelling suggestions ) >> i'm going to keep going. >> wayne: ♪ pick a deck of cards. ♪ >> let's go with two. >> wayne: two. jonathan i heard this song in "over the top" with sylvester stallone when i was a kid. i remember this movie. you're from philly. hey, i'm not! you need $600 more. are you going to take your money? you have $900. >> i'm going to go. >> wayne: if you get a zonk, you lose everything, right. >> i came with nothing. three. >> wayne: three. she is staying with deck three. we've gone to deck three a lot. oh. ( zonk sounds ) darian, you know what, you played a good game. you said you came to win a car. you tried your best. give her a round of applause, everyone.
10:33 am
say hey to all the folks back home. if you would like to get tickets it go to get your tickets or call this number. >> jonathan: 888-533-2550. that's 888-533-2550. ( cheers and applause ) [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful ...but add some ham and cheese ...roll them up in some crescent dough and tada, thursday is now... a ham & cheese crescent roll-up wonder pillsbury crescents, let the making begin. like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours.
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call or click today. it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one. >> wayne: welcome back to "let's make a deal." right now, i need a couple.
10:37 am
are you guys a couple? i hope so, by the way she is grabbing you, come here. oh, what are you doing? sheila, nice to meet you. and you are? >> jonathan. >> wayne: how long you have been a couple. >> 32 years! ( cheers and applause ) >> wayne: you have-- wait a second, now all joking aside, 32 years? >> 32. >> wayne: you are not-- wow, well, in 32 years, you folks should know each other really well, right. >> i think so. ( laughter ) >> wayne: well, how about i introduce you to someone who is going to test how well you know each other. i think you folks know who i mean. dr. wayne. sit right here.
10:38 am
sit right here. hi, everyone, i'm doctor wayne. i have a prize for you, in fact, i have two prizes, each of you will write down the prize you want. if your prizes concur and they match, you win the prize. so you face that way, you face this way, but you both look that way and you look at these prizes. >> jonathan: it's a stunning cocktail ring or a digital camera and laptop. ( cheers and applause ) this distinctive 14 carat gold cocktail ring from laura's jewelry features a luminescent one and half carat opal surround by a burst of diamonds. this deal is worth $1,500. or take great shots with this compact ten megapixel digital camera, then share them with friends with this ultra portable laptop that weighs less than three pounds. this deal is worth $1,187. >> wayne: okay.
10:39 am
now question for you both, do you like my mustache? ( laughter ) i want to you write down either the ring or the electronics. let's see if they match. start writing. america, how are you? i'm talking directly to each and every one of you all. being happy is a mere state of mind. i am drunk right now. ( laughter ) are you y'all ready? on the count of three, show america what you have written down, obviously 32 years has not strengthened your counting skills. ( laughter ) one, two, three. you have written down electronics, electronics, you have the electronics. ( cheers and applause ) high fives. and i have two more prizes for you behind curtain number two. tiffany, show them what is behind curtain number two, please. >> okay.
10:40 am
>> jonathan: it's a new elliptical machine or new appliances. get a full body workout with this sleek elliptical trainer featuring a build in reading rack and adjustable stride length to target different muscle groups. this deal is worth $3,299. or spice up your kitchen with this french door refrigerator featuring fast cooling power freeze, gas range supporting five burners and over-the-range microwave oven. this deal is worth $3,147. >> wayne: face away from each other and write down either the elliptical machine or the appliances. america, i recommend that you write in to "let's make a deal" for your own videotape copy of tiffany coyne using the elliptical machine in that dress. >> i will teach you how. it's easy. >> wayne: write your letters now.
10:41 am
on the count of three, show me what you have written down. ( laughter ) how long were you married? >> 32 years. >> wayne: at least that's one number you do remember. one, two, three. elliptical, ooh, appliances. oh. now were you writing down the elliptical. why did you say elliptical? >> because we got appliances. we don't have the elliptical. >> wayne: and sweetheart, why did you write down appliances? >> because i thought it was worth more. >> wayne: i think it was an example of you speaking with a logical mind. >> jonathan: wayne, i'm sorry to mention this, the appliances were worth $3,147 and the elliptical machine was actually worth more, $3,299. so i did say it. >> wayne: i'm going to-- you
10:42 am
know what i'm going to throw into this deal? math books. ( laughter ) last deal. together, everything you have, which is the electronics worth $1,187 or curtain number three. i will let you guys decide together. ( audience yelling suggestions ) >> three. >> three. >> wayne: they both say three. you have given us back the electronics. what is behind curtain number three. ( zonk sounds ) >> jonathan: it's a compacted compact car! >> wayne: it's not a real car. oh, you were very excited for a second. i'm sorry. oh, my goodness. boy, more "let's make a deal" right after this. guys, i've figured it out!
10:43 am
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my collection is at kmart. now go. >> jonathan: closed captioning for "let's make a deal" is paid in part by the following: i brought my car to mike at meineke... ...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. >> wayne: "let's make a deal" is back. we need one person to make a deal with me. ( cheers and applause ) ballerina, way back. i think you are a ballerina, yes, bring all of you, bring all that. bring all that down here but
10:47 am
don't fall. bring all of it, baby. bring all that stuff. shake it, shake it, shake it. shake it, shake it, shake it. hey, sheryl, how are you? >> i'm good, how are you? >> wayne: i'm doing well. thank you so much for coming. >> you're welcome. thanks for having me. >> wayne: no i want to you win something. i want you to get something. in fact, you know what i've got for you? >> what? >> wayne: i have a fortune cookie. >> oh, nice. >> wayne: jonathan? jonathan and i are opening up our own restaurant where we serve nothing but fortune cookies. what is the name of that place we're doing? >> jonathan: fortune cookies. >> wayne: we're still working on the name. but the fortune cookies are amazing, so this is yours right now. the thing is it could be good, it could be bad. it could be a good fortune or a bad fortune or i could give you the big box over there in the corner. >> the cookie. >> wayne: the cookie. what did you pass on? >> jonathan: you could have won all-you-can-eat sushi.
10:48 am
( zonk sounds ) >> wayne: that's from my first restaurant. big fake sushi place, but the ring wasn't really there, it wasn't good. >> jonathan: no. >> wayne: so let's see what is in your fortune. do you want to break it? >> yes. >> wayne: okay, go ahead. let's see what your fortune says. if says it's your lucky day. you win $372-- i'm sorry, my bad $3,725! ( cheers and applause ) confucius say yes! good job. she just... >> jonathan: she just took that money and ran. >> wayne: she just took my money and ran. what does that music mean? >> jonathan: it's time for the... >> wayne: big deal of the day. ( cheers and applause ) today's big deal is worth $26,478.
10:49 am
it's going to go to our traders that played and ask this if they would like to trade what they have for a shot at the big deal. jakeem had the trip to turks and caicos worth $8,896. where are you jakeem? are you willing to trade that trip for a shot at the big deal? >> no, i'm going to keep it. >> wayne: he's going. garrett? where is garrett? stand up, lumberjack. garrett, you have got that tv system worth $4,188. >> i'm going for it. >> wayne: he's going for it. when we come back, he'll pick this door an hopefully walk out here with the big deal. [ female announcer ] ordinary lotions aren't made to treat eczema, so it can feel like you're using nothing at all. but neosporin® eczema essentials™ is different. its multi-action formula restores visibly healthier skin in 3 days. neosporin® eczema essentials™. till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ]
10:50 am
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10:51 am
now all general mills big g kid cereals have more whole grain than any other ingredient in cereals like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch, the delicious way to help them grow up strong.
10:52 am
>> wayne: wait a second, hey, welcome back to "let's make a deal." we were just talking as we were coming back from commercial, your mom what? >> my mom won the big deal in 1976. ( cheers and applause ) >> wayne: wow. now here you are, stepping up to the plate. you've got an opportunity. she did it with monty hall and you're doing it with me. same three doors though.
10:53 am
you still have three doors. there is still a big deal worth $26,478. all you have to do is pick one and your mom won. so there is a good shot if you pick the right door you will as well. so it could be door one, door two or door three. which door did she pick? >> she picked number three. >> wayne: what are you going to pick? ( audience yelling suggestions ) >> i'm going to go with the same door she picked, number three. >> wayne: door three for mama. all right. let's show you what is behind door one first. >> jonathan: you could have won a new scooter. this calli classic 125 scooter features an air-cooled four- stroke engine and variable transition. plus, it hits a top speed of 59 miles per hour. this deal is worth $2,149. >> wayne: okay. so no scooter for you. >> no scooter. >> wayne: so you picked door
10:54 am
three. there's door three and door two left. we will show you what is behind door three which is your door. it worked for mom. see if it works for you. tiffany, is the big deal behind door three? >> jonathan: it's an outdoor tv and lounger. ( cheers and applause ) >> hey, that works. >> jonathan: relax in your backyard with this 46-inch lcd outdoor television from featuring an anti-glare screen and protective all-weather exterior. plus, stretch out on this cushioned outdoor lounger featuring a retractable canopy. also we're throwing in this frozen drink maker and some margarita glasses. this deal is worth $8,436. >> wayne: congratulations, man. that is not the big deal but it's worth more than the deal you came in with. so good job. so right now, i've got to show you where the big deal was. it behind door number two. tiffany, open door two. what is worth $26,478? >> jonathan: you could have won a trip to brazil and $7,000 in cash.
10:55 am
you would have spent seven nights in a seaside villa at the villas de trancoso on one of brazil's most beautiful beeches. your stay included a gourmet dinner and unlimited golf at the world renown paravista golf course with access to the celebrity-studded night life. daily breakfast and airfare were included along with $7,000 in spending cash. making this big deal worth $26,478. >> wayne: well, i hope you had a good time, garrett. thank you so much. who wants to make a quickie deal? right after this. [ female announcer ] now there's a delicious way to help get omega 3 dha into your kids' diet. flintstones gummies plus omega-3 dha is an excellent source of this key nutrient. ♪ we are flintstones kids ♪ ten million strong ♪ and growing in deep red apples and in each golden bead. it blends into a perfect crunch you'll savor, giving us the most perfect lesson in flavor.
10:56 am
nature valley, nature at its most delicious. nature valley, the rich dark chocolate. york peppermint pattie
10:57 am
get the sensation. >> jonathan: stand up for me. this one is worth $500, okay. if you have a movie ticket stub... >> wayne: i think she's got it. >> jonathan: we mentioned this on twitter the night before. we'll tell you what we are looking for so be sure to follow us on do you follow us on twitter? >> yes. >> jonathan: and there's the stub. captioned by media access group at wgbh
10:58 am
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